The Hope for Children Foundation is a non-profit corporation founded in January 2000 to provide quality education, shelter, and guidance for needy children. The foundation's primary beneficiaries are needy and abandoned children of Santa Maria del Mexicano, who live in facilities in and around the village of Colon, in the state of Queretaro in Mexico. Though not the primary focus of the organization, Santa Maria also provides nursing care and support to a small number of elderly and developmentally disabled people.


Hope for Children has contributed resources leading to major improvements in both services provided to the children and in numbers served. The home now serves approximately 300 children each year and the facilities are presenting opportunities not dreamt of only 10 years ago. Please click on the link 'Projects' under 'Hope for Children' to learn more about specific projects and opportunities available to the children.

Over its 30+ years in operation, more than 3,000 children have passed through the doors at Santa Maria. Here are a few stories of what they have achieved:

Santa Maria Graduate
Ana arrived at Santa Maria during high school. She was known as dedicated, a hard-worker, and responsable. Ana opted for a college preparatory track through Santa Maria. During her time in college prep, she was responsible for many things aside from studying, such as cleaning the dormitories and helping mothers with childcare. For her exceptional character and performance, she received scholarships to assist her in achieving her goal of becoming a licensed teacher. She completed her degree with honors.

Ana is currently working at Santa Maria as a licensed primary school teacher.

Santa Maria Graduate
Jesus arrived at Santa Maria when he was 10 years old. He completed elementary school, high school, and college prep at Santa Maria. He was noted to be a hard worker and, accordingly, was awarded a position as coordinator of operations at Santa Maria. His responsibilities include maintaining schedules and order among children and workers at the home.

Jesus is currently working on a bachelor's degree.

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